•  Thumel Benevolo

Place of departure: Thumel (1,879 m)
Place of arrival: Benevolo refuge (2,354 m)
Difference in altitude: 406 m
Total journey time: 3 hours
Difficulty: T/E
time to visit: from mid-June to September
Itinerary Description At the end of the Rhemes Valley road, we find the picturesque village of Thumel, from which, ignoring the road that climbs towards the refuge, we follow the mule-track that starts at the end of the paved road: passing a small bridge, we continue along the Dora di Rhêmes. After crossing a swampy plain, we continue to go up again to cross the dirt track that leads to another Roman bridge. By switching to the hydrographical side, we reach the alpe Lavassey and then, after a short final stretch, we arrive at the refuge. The abundance of water and the panoramic grandeur of the high Rhêmes valley is remarkable.

  • Chanevey Sort

Place of departure: Bruil (1,723 m)
Place of arrival: Casotto del Sort (2,295 m)
Difference in altitude: 590 m
Total journey time: 4 hours
Difficulty: E
time to visit: from July to September
Itinerary Description starting from the small village of Bruil, we follow the signs to Colle di Entrelor, at the junction we turn left to the Vallone di Sort and we find ourselves faced with a large metal cross, Chateaux Couhlet, which is well visible from the main town. After a pleasant excursion in the midst of a larch wood we reach the hut, the surroundings here are great for spotting wildlife. We then follow a trail that lightly descends, going towards l'Alpe Chaussettaz and keeping our senses alert because of the high chance of sightings for the entire traverse. The journey ends with the return to Bruil or, by using the interesting nature path settled in the valley, further down to Chanavey village.

  • Vaudaletta

Place of departure: Thumel (1,879 m)
Place of arrival: Col Leynir (3,084 m)
Difference in altitude: 1,205 m
Total journey time: 7 hours
Difficulty: E/EE
Time to visit: from July to September N.B: The difficulty at the end part must always be carefully considered.
Itinerary description We set off from the small town of Thumel, path No. 11, and after a grove and the crossing of the stream, we begin a long ascent into the larch forest to reach the lodges of Vaudaletta, the subject of an important process of functional recovery by the Park. The area is very interesting from a naturalistic point of view: there are possible encounters with chamois, marmots, ptarmigan and high altitude vegetation is well represented. We continue towards the hill, where hikers are rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view of the Val di Rhemes and the Gran Paradiso. Just below the hill there is a small glacier, it is not very large but is to be approached with caution: in case of ice emerging it is necessary to advance on the left side moraine line, always paying special attention to our progression.

  • Bruil - Alpe Entrelor

Place of departure: Bruil (1,723 m)
Place of arrival: Pian de la Feya (2,403 m)
Difference in altitude: 680 m
Total journey time: 4 hours
Difficulty: T/E
Time to visit: from July to September N.B.: the possible ascent to colle di Entrelor presents difficulties (EE) towards the end part
Itinerary Description We set off from the main village of Rhêmes Notre Dame and with clear instructions, after passing Dora di Rhêmes, we climb to Entrelor valley. Ignoring the detours for the Vallone di Sort or the village of Chaudannaz and after a few stretches in the forest, we draw near to the Entrelor alpine pastures. Going deeper into the valley, we can get up to the next pasture called the Plan de la Feya, where there are frequent sightings of wild animals. One last step would be to reach the hill where the horizon extends from far away Mont Blanc to the nearby Gran Paradiso. However, we recommend it to a skilled audience, due to the difficulties that may be encountered at the end, accentuated by possible freezing conditions.