These routes vary in length and difficulty, and are characterised either by stopping stations with information boards or by numbered signposts with references to specific brochures that can be obtained from the visitors centres. Warning: the walking time specified takes into account the stops necessary for explanation.

  • Noasca: The Vallone del Roc
    Characteristic trail unfolding through ancient villages. Starting point: Noasca (1062 m), a ring-like route reaches the Pianchette hamlet (1188 m). Along the path it's possible to sight the old school of Maison.
    Uphill gradient: 533 m.
    Walking time to complete the tour: 4 h.
    Difficulty: T/E

  • Rhêmes-Notre-Dame: The Valley Floor
    The theme of this path is linked to the morphology of the valley, its flora and fauna and the activities of the inhabitants. The initial portion of the track, from Chanavey to Bruil, is paved and can be easily used by people in wheelchairs.
    Starting point: Chanavey (1696 m)
    Arrival place: Pellaud (1801 m)
    Uphill gradient: 104m
    Walking time: 1 h
    Difficulty: T

  • Valsavarenche: Eaux Rousses
    This route begins in a forested zone and continues through meadows and pastures. Along the trail we find the typical iron-rich wellsprings and the beautiful hunting lodge of the King.
    Starting Eaux Rousses (1666 m)
    Intermediate locality: hunting lodge of Orvielle (2190 m)
    Arrival: Djouan Lake (2500 m)
    Uphill gradient: 834 m
    Time to the top: 1.30 h (8 h to the hunting lodge) + 1 h (to the Djouan lake)
    Difficulty: T/E

  • Cogne: Montesuc
    Panoramic ring trail in the Cogne valley, offering a good view of the morphology of the area, the famous iron mine and the numerous settlements. It divides into two parts, one easy and one difficult.
    Starting point: arrival station of the Montseuc cableway (2100 m)
    Uphill gradient: 233 m
    Walking time to complete the tour: 1 h
    Difficulty: T/E

  • Cogne: Les Fontaines 

    The trail develops for around 3,7 km along the forest path that follows the stream Grande Eyvia and the nature path has been planned to enhance a site of great natural interest and to raise awareness in the users thanks to the help of an equipped, educational and discovery route, easily to access and available in different seasons of the year. The peculiarity of the area is the co-existence, in short distance one another, of two very different habitats: the pseudo-steppe, rich in rare plants species in the alpine arch, and a humid area, Les Fontaines precisely, with a completely natural vegetation, complementary to the agricultural environment surrounding. The nature path is equipped with ten panels that show the peculiarities of the environment crossed and of the animals and plants life that characterizes it; in the pseudo-steppe and the pond two observation spots and a boardwalk offer views without damaging the habitats.
    To install the platforms minimally invasive techniques have been used, such as ground screw, that did not involve neither excavation, nor concrete castings or intervention surface restorations; all structures are made of wood.
    Walking time to complete the tour: 1,30/2 h
    Difficulty: T

NB We inform you that the nature trail "I sensi in gioco" of Ceresole it's not available as hit by a snowslide.