The best known valley of the Park offers a unique scenery for the glaciers of the Gran Paradiso. The large bottom of the valley and many secondary valleys are passable at all seasons, on foot or with snowshoes. Well known the ski slopes, where every year the Gran Paradiso March of 43 Km takes place. In the small village of Valnontey grows the Paradisia Alpin Botanical Garden, inviting you to know the alpine flowers, medicinal plants and lichens (from mid-June to mid-September).

Really characteristic is the Cogne historical centre, where handicrafts activities, such as the famous “tombolo” (the Cogne lace) are still practised.

Not far from the city centre, in the mining village, the visitors centre is located, it focuses on the relationship between mankind and the environment. Every two years, at the end of summer, the naturalistic film festival “Golden ibex” takes place.

The pastures of Gran Nomenon

The impressive north side of Grivola, one of the most beautiful mountains of the region, trails down with its glacier to the green expanse of pastures of the grazing area of Gran Nomenon. The contrast of colours, the pastures, the forests and the chance of seeing grazing animals, make this area one of the pearls of the park.

Vittorio Sella and Herbetet mountain lodges

The excursion leading from Valnontey to Vittorio Sella mountain lodge, is the most popular in the park. In the evening or early in the morning around the nearby Lago del Lauson, it is not difficult to find ibex. Don't miss the beautiful crossing to the farmhouses of Herbetet, with magnificent views of the glaciers at the top of the valley. The path, which is quite open and equipped with some steel handrails, should be taken with caution.