It's a beautiful flat bottomed Valley, tipically glacial, that totally reflects in the typical Alpine landscape. In the small town of Chanavey (municipality of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame) is located the visitors centre dedicated to the world of birds and, in particular, to the bearded vulture, the vulture disappeared on our territory at the beginning of the century and reintroduced in some Alpine parks through a European project. In the same area starts also a nature trail, whose theme is related to the morphology of the Valley, fauna, flora and human activities. The first stretch of the route, from Chanavey in Bruil, is paved and permits an easy path also for wheelchair users. In a couple of hours walk, it should be noted also an alpin pasture in the small town of Vaudalettez, its management is under studies for several years by the Park and the University of Turin. It wishes to be an example of sustainable development within the protected area and is active during summer. In the village of Rhêmes-Saint-Georges, bottom of the valley, is located an equestrian centre that offers the possibility of horseback riding and groups and children activities.

Head of Rhêmes Valley
The upper valley opens up to a scenario of moraines and glaciers that run down along the Granta Parei and the other peaks in the district: the white of the seracs of the lavassey, Fond and Tsantelèina glaciers contrasts with the green of the vast spruce and larch forests underneath. You don't have to be a mountain climber to climb the paths that go along the glaciers.
On the right of the mid Val di Rhêmes, there are two ravines, covered in splendid coniferous forests at the bottom and green meadows higher up. The area is particularly interesting for its fauna, from the marmots, always alert for any possible danger, and the ibex and chamois grazing on the high pastures to the many types of birds that inhabit the forests of the valley floor.

Comune di Rhêmes Notre Dame
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