A short easy ring route on dirt roads, suitable for everyone which departs from the Grand Hotel, a historic building that once hosted the rulers and aristocracy of Piedmont. Half way along the route you can taste the ferruginous spring waters and at the end of the route you can find out about relationship between man and the alpine ibex at the Homo et Ibex Visitor Centre (Grand Hotel). The route is served well with accommodation and play areas for small children.

2,5 Km
Altitude difference
50 m
Recommended period
april - november
Departure point
Ceresole Reale borgata Prese
Point of arrival
Ceresole Reale borgata Prese
Point of arrival altitude
1.480 m asl
Departure point altitude
1.480 m asl
Camping Casa Bianca
Ceresole Borgata Brengi
+39 349 3693312 - +39 340 0808076
Disponibili E-bike
Noleggio biciclette disponibile
Rifugio Le Fonti
Ceresole Borgata Fonti Minerali
+39 347 7110309 - +39 347 6075573
Albergo ristorante Blanchetti
Ceresole Borgata Prese
+39 0124 953174
Hotel Gli Scoiattoli
Ceresole Borgata Barilò
+39 0124 953007 - +39 349 5698468
Village Hotel Grand Hotel Ceresole
Ceresole Borgata Prese
+39 0547 81976 - +39 320 4425549
Things not to miss

Ceresole Reale Borgata Prese: "Homo et Ibex"    http://www.pngp.it/en/visit-park/visitor-centres/ceresole-reale-homo-et…