Aymavilles is a fine place for lovers of an hamlet rich in history, immersed in very well cultivated vineyards and orchards. An ideal and rural spot where to stay, plenty of culture, good reseption and traditional tasting. Only 8 km from Aosta, in the heart of the valley, Aymavilles is right next to the Gran Paradiso National Park and a good starting point to visit the Aosta side of the protected area.

Only one minute from the motorway exit Aosta Ovest, it is a rea mountain village where you will be welcome guests inside  old traditionsgenuine flavours and uncontaminated nature.

Aymavilles boasts one of the most beautiful and well-preserved Roman monuments. A type of construction totally unique that dates back to the Augustan era: an aqueduct bridge built in a section of the valley that leads toward Cogne.

The castle of Aymavilles is certainly the most characteristic and recognizable element of the Municipality for its position and architecture characterized by the four cylindrical towers crowned by "murder holes" that enclose a central body with a square base.

The building, which date back to the 12th century, was repeatedly reconfigured, changing its use from defensive to elegant lordly residence inside a great park.

The castle is currently being restored; it will become a museum and will house the private collection of the Academy of St. Anselm.

Text provided by Municipality of Aymavilles

Pictures taken by Municipality of Aymavilles