The territory of Ceresole Reale, placed at the extreme western edge of Canavese, comprehends a large part of the High Orco Valley. With its 9957 hectars it's the second largest of the eleven villages belonging to the Orco and Soana valley. 

Other than with Noasca, it borders France in the West (Tarantasia - Val d'Isère) and Valle d'Aosta (Pont, in Valsavarenche, and Rhêmes Valley) and Val Grande of Lanzo (Groscavallo and Pialpetta) in the south.

It's inhabited centres are all placed above 1500 m and the gradient in respect to the other villages in the Valley is signed by the steep Erta delle Scalee, that in the last century was walked down on foot. 

A considerable part of the territory is included in the Gran Paradiso National Park and offers great possibilities to begin excursions and climbs but also practice cross-country skiing, ski touring, climbing and walking paths with the snowshoes. 

Tourists and holidaymakers can also have relaxing walking among the alpine pastures or close to the numerous alpine lakes, enjoying the mountain silence and those sudden sights of camois, ibexes, eagles and marmots.

Climbing up at high altitude it's possible to admire the wonderful alpine flora, among which rhododendrons and edelweisses stand out.

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Photo: PNGP archive