This is the most romantic valley in the park, particularly suited to families. It offers all the beauty of the alpine landscape and the most interesting rural buildings in the Val d’Aosta. The typically glacial valley has a flat bottom which reflects a typical alpine landscape completely. The top of the valley opens onto a scene of moraines and glaciers that come down from the Granta Parei and other peaks in the area. The white of the glacial seracs contrasts with the green of the vast woodlands of Norway spruce and larch further below.

100% paved
28 Km
Altitude difference
1.126 m
Recommended period
june - september
Departure point
Point of arrival
Rhêmes Notre Dame località Thumel
Point of arrival altitude
1.886 m asl
Departure point altitude
760 m asl
Centro Visitatori del Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso "Bentornato gipeto!"
Rhêmes Notre Dame località Chanavey
+39 0165 75301
Acquistando il Grand Paradis Pass è possibile utilizzare gratuitamente le e-MTB ITER
Bar Ristorante “Le barme’ de l’ours”
Rhêmes Saint Georges località La Fabrique
+39 0165 907504
Boule de Neige Albergo ristorante
Rhêmes Notre Dame località Chanavey
+39 0165 936166
Camping Val di Rhêmes
Rhêmes Saint Georges località Voix
+39 0165 907648
Case Gran Paradiso – Centro turismo equestre
Rhêmes Saint Georges località La Fabrique
+39 338 1153303 - +39 0165 907667
Hotel Granta Parey
Rhêmes Notre Dame località Chanavey
+39 0165 936104 - +39 0165 936144 - +39 0165 936935 - +39 340 2808757
Bar ristorante Le Chalet de Pellaud
Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Località Pellaud
+39 349 2272527
Things not to miss

- Rhêmes-Saint-Georges: LO BERLO’ games park – The Park of Secrets

- Rhêmes-Notre-Dame: parish church of the Visitation of Mary

- Rhêmes-Notre-Dame: “Welcome back, bearded vulture!”…