Hotel Granta Parey


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The structure is placed in Chanavey, an hamlet 1696 m asl, few hundred metres from Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Municipality. It is on the regional road 24, on the orographic left side of the Dora of Rhêmes, from the structure it's possible to admire the Granta Parey, mountain from which the facility takes the name, symbol of the Rhêmes Valley.

Rhêmes Valley
Chanavey - Rhêmes Notre Dame - (AO)
Tel. / Fax
0165.936104 - 0165.936144 - 0165.936935 - Fax. 0165.936144 - Cell. 340.2808757

Comfortable summer and winter residency in the heart of Rhemes valley, pearl of the Gran Paradiso National Park, various personalized rooms with firework and flowers that wait for own guests with the ancient tradition of Berthod family.