Geography manuals could use the Valley of Entrelor as clear example of glacial threshold or step, as evidence of the geological history of the valley, carved out by quaternary glaciers. In front of the City Hall of Rhemes Notre Dame take a road that enters the village and reaches the bridge over the Dora di Rhemes. Passed the statue dedicated to the bearded vulture, in front of the Park rangers headquarter, take the path. Continue carefully the track along the creek for a few meters to take the farm road that climbs on the left. After a few bends you reach the Pré du bois alp, recently refurbished, and then, left the cross-country skiing track on the right, enter the forest, following the summer path. The path climbs up until an irrigation canal (a section of Grand Rue) and continues on plain on the right. Suddenly, before meeting a rock, that appears to block the path, take the left, up a steep path that fortunately, after about 50 m of altitude difference, it becomes plain and reaches the junction of a path that climbs up from Bruillat village.  Still going up, make several harpin bends, leaving the forest from time to time – be careful in case of strong snowfalls - in order to reach the wooden cross at the entrance of the valley.

The view is exciting, ranging from the Entrelor peak to Granta Parey, to Grande Rousse, the highest of the Valley with its 3607 m. This gigantic geological "foothold", that makes a sort of jump from the Entrelor valley until the underlying Valley north-facing, allowed a colonization of conifers such as firs, larch and stone pine with a rich undergrowth of blueberry, bearberry and rhododendron. This vegetation gives the opportunity to live to some animals that prefer the North facing slopes, such as the black grouse, the nutcracker and the mountain hares.

With less then 50 m of altitude difference you reach the Entrelor summer pasture.

Wayback on the outward path or taking the detour above-mentioned towards Bruillat, Chaudanne and Pellaud and from here to the starting point.

Not to be missed:
- Bruil village (dairy)
- experimental Entrelor alpine pasture

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Piazzale di Rhêmes Notre Dame, in front of the church
Starting altitude
1738 m slm
Arrival place
Entrelor alpine pasture
Arrival altitude
2142 m slm
420 m of positive altitude
Walking time
2 h
Path type