The project Giroparchi aims at creating a new touristic project trough several material and non-material events finalized at creating a path of discovering to the Gran Paradiso and Mont Avic areas.

The project aims at enhancing the vocation for the naturalistic and cultural tourism of Espace Grand Paradis and Mont Avic region, by promoting the integration and development of economic activities related to sustainable tourism.

In order to accompany the visitor to discover a territory strongly marked from the natural, historical and cultural point of view, the project involves the creation of a naturalistic trekking and the implementation of actions aimed at improving accessibility and sustainable mobility, creating a connection between path networks, towns and cultural sites, improving reception facilities on the route, enhancing places of special natural and cultural interest and creating information and promotion systems to the public.

The initiative, indeed, does not end simply connecting multiple locations, but aims at highlighting aspects that distinguish it best. As part of the majestic sceneries that characterize the places, the emphasis will be on the relationship between man and natural environment: not only landscape and nature but also traditions, savoir faire, gastronomy and culture.

Giroparchi has been approved by a Giunta regionale decision n. 2243 of the 20th August 2010 and was launched in September. The project, under regional direction, spread over a period of five years and involves a total investment of 5,428,592 euros (4,397,192 euros to the Espace Grand Paradis and 1,031,400 euro to the Mont Avic natural Parc).