The route, a loop composed of 12 stages, starts and ends in Pont Canavese. It can be easily reached travelling by public transport since it goes through Gallenca valley, Tesso and Malone valleys, crosses Orco and Soana valleys and touches Sacra valley. AVC route, from Ceresole Reale to Soana valley, runs along the Piedmontese side of Gran Paradiso National Park and its stunning environment, following some stretches of the Royal Hunting Paths built by King Victor Emannuel II, and sometimes overlapping the Giroparco Gran Paradiso route. Along the way, there are many sanctuaries thata witnessed miraculous facts, magical places, little enchanting villages and ancient churches, surrounded by marvellous landscapes enriched by unique wildlife. The route, that counts more than 17.000 m of cumulative elevation gain, is marked in white and red and has an average medium hiking difficulty, except some steep stretches that require trekking skills.





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