Sometimes you find places of old legends that seem to have reflection in the atmosphere breathed. The Cucco Castle, rocky outcrop topped by an iron cross, was said to be a place frequented by witches who celebrated the Sabbath ... A little higher up, you can also see many trees singed ... strucked by lightnings? Who knows!

From Rhemes Notre Dame, departed from the small village of Bruil, follow the signs to Chaussettaz. The trailhead is located right next to the Park house, home in the Valley of the surveillance service (Oreiller); a little further keep going on the left. After a pleasant outing among conifers, chamois and nutcrackers, we arrive at the Chaussettaz alp, continuing across to the upper Valley you will reach the wooden shelter of the Sort Park ranger. Take this high altitude panoramic trail that allows you to reach the former home of King's game warden, from where the route ends with return downhill to Bruil. The crossing at high altitude is an amazing balcony over the Rhemes valley with multiple opportunity to sight the characteristic alpine fauna of the Park, in particular golden eagle and bearded vulture.

Not to be missed:

- Bruil village
- surveillance wooden shelter in Sort
- groups of chamois, possible sights of black grouse

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Piazzale Rhêmes-Notre-Dame
Starting altitude
1723 m slm
Arrival place
Alpe Chaussettaz (and continuing Casotto del Sort)
Arrival altitude
2281 m slm Alpe Chaussettaz (2294 m slm casotto Sort)
Trail sign
558 m
Walking time
1h 30’ (to reach in Chaussettaz) + 40’ to reach Casotto del Sort
Path type