The narrowest and wildest of the valleys in the Val d’Aosta: a genuine backwater of authentic wilderness! Situated in an uncontaminated environment, the valley is criss-crossed with wide mule tracks at higher altitudes. It is the most valuable legacy of the hunter king, Victor Emanuel II of Savoy who fell hopelessly in love with the charm of these places and built royal houses for the purpose of hunting alpine ibex and alpine chamois, thus creating the Royal Hunting Reserve which in time led to the creation of the first Italian national park. Two important people were born in this valley, Emile Chanoux, a key person in the antifascism movement that preceded liberation in 1945, and Federico Chabod who during the same period fathered the autonomous region project of the Val d’Aosta.

100% paved
31 Km
Altitude difference
1.191 m
Recommended period
june - september
Departure point
Point of arrival
Valsavarenche località Pont
Point of arrival altitude
1.951 m asl
Departure point altitude
760 m asl
Centro Visitatori del Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso "I preziosi predatori"
Valsavarenche località Degioz
+39 0165 75301
Free e-MTB ITER with Grand Paradis Pass
Noleggio biciclette disponibile
à l'Hostellerie du Paradis
Valsavarenche località Maisonasse
+39 0165 905972
Albergo Parco Nazionale
Valsavarenche località Degioz
+39 340 6564211
Camping Gran Paradiso
Valsavarenche località Plan de la Pesse
+39 0165 905801 - +39 010 9181788
Chembres d'Hôtes Vers le Bois
Valsavarenche località Degioz
+39 349 2509879
Things not to miss

- Dégioz: “The precious predators”…

- Rovenaud museum of the resistance and historic-cultural route in the villages of Molère, Rovenaud, Degioz and Pont