The restaurant La Baracca is proud of more than fifty years of family run activity, handed down from generation to generation; open soon after the creation of the Serrù dam, it continued to improve its qualities trying to meet the needs of its customers and doing everything possible to succeed in giving its guests the most welcoming and respectful towards the environment that surrounds it place. The restaurant, surrounded by an amphitheatre of peaks and glaciers, easily admirable eating some of our delights, is able to propose typical valleys and Piedmont dishes, cooked by observing the most frequent use of products belonging to the quality trademark. Offers in its spaces two wide rooms spread over two floors and the kitchen doesn't have any closing time.


soggiorno e ristorazione
Orco Valley
Email address
Ceresole Reale (TO), 10 km of distance after the lake.
Opening period and time
The bar restaurant LA BARACCA is open for its clients from the 15th May to the 15th October (unless it's snowing) from Monday to Sunday without midweek closing days.
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