Our rural business is located in Valle d'Aosta, in the wonderful hamlet of La Croix of Saint-Pierre. We're a rural business of small dimensions, conduzione famigliare, in which Giorgio, Luisa, Giuseppe e Giovanni work. Our cattle-shed counts around sixty cows, born and grown on the green alpine pastures of Valle d'Aosta. During summer Giovanni leads cows in altitude, in Rumiod and in Rhêmes alpine pasture, village placed within the Gran Paradiso Alpine Pasture, while Giorgio deal with the haymaking of the valley bottom. Nourishment and welfare of our cows is very important for us because it influences the milk quality and gives , as a present, flavours and fragrances. Since 15 years our rural business doesn't give milk to the dairy any more but has decided to transform it as its own, in particular as cheese symbol of the Valle d'Aosta: the “Fontina”. Each cheese is unequivocally recognisable, thanks to the identification number of the producer (CTF, which stands for: Consorzio Tutela Fontina): the one of our company is ‘CTF 854’.


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