The Maison du Gout represents without doubts one of the main and most ancient food shops present in the Cogne municipality. In its first years of activity, going back to the XIX century, the company dealt exclusively with basic foodstuffs, largely addressed to a domestic consumption within the country. The first clients of the shop were essentially miners, farmers and breeders that bought those products who were unable, for various reasons, to produce by theirself and which were essential for the people's survival. Over the years, Cogne crossed a deep phase of socioeconomic change, which brought about the transformation of the city from mining town to tourist location. This change had a major impact on the native population, which surrounded by a new world linked to tourism, was forced to change life style and shape of the city, more or less suddenly, so as to be able to guarantee tourists the presence of a nice place and responsive to the needs of these new customers. Maison du Gout, too, hence called “Da Ilda” (name coming from Ilda Gérard, that bought the company in the 60s), took the path of tourism becoming the flagship grocery store of the "new Cogne", dealing with outstanding products designed to satisfy the needs of customers increasingly attentive to quality and brand of the product. In 1996, Gérard Edi and Malavolti Daniela, the present owners of the company, bought the historical society “Da Ilda snc” and in 2003, changed the shape of the shop adding to the “selling place in itself” an handcrafts production laboratory, in which, still today, various types of bread, cakes and salty products, very appreciated by tourists and Cogne residents, are produced. Today the Maison du Gout is a quiet and stylish shop, able to propose to its clients both sought-out, high quality products, and daily foodstuffs. The flagship products of the Maison du Gout laboratory, that have obtained the Gran Paradiso National Park Trademark of Quality, are the Mecoulin (sweet bread with raisin), the Torcetti (traditional biscuits), the Gran Paradiso Breads and the whole wheat fruits breads from Cogne.


Cogne valley
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Via Mines de Cogne
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Opening period: from the 1st January to the 30th April; from the 1st June to the 31st December (opening periods could be subject to variations);
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telefono/fax: 016574075