Walking through the s.p. 460 of Ceresole, within the Gran Paradiso National Park, passed the hinabited centres of Locana and Rosone, you arrive in Frera Superiore, gracious hamlet on the right side of the Orco stream. 
Here, among the few houses present, grow up the the Osteria dei Viaggiatori, completely refurbished and made more confy to satisfy better our guests, perfect place to relax peacefully.
The kitchen applies an experience built day by day, enriched by the value of hospitality, that keeps searching for flavors of the simple and genuine things. 


soggiorno e ristorazione
Orco Valley
Frazione Frera Superiore, 10080 NOASCA (TO)
Opening period and time
July, August and September always open.
Closing day: tuesday.
ATM, not Credit card, accepted.
Tel. / Fax
0124901031 - Cell. 3336857810