Sylvenoire is a village whose intersection lies just beyond Vieyes on the road to Cogne. The route begins along a dirt road to the Plan Pessey alpin pasture, passing the stream and running into the mule track that climbs directly from Vieyes. Continue the climb up to a crossroads, where you choose the fork to the right, crossing a dense forest with notable specimens of spruce, then you get close to the hut of Chantel. Continue to the left; the trail, steep and well marked emerges in large pasture Nomenon, dominated, at the top, by the wonderful Alp huts and by the Mario Gontier camp: from here you can admire the majestic northern wall of the Grivola, enriched by various hanging glaciers. When you reach the pastures below the camp, the view on the Grivola pays back the hicker for every effort.

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Starting altitude
1.324 m slm
Arrival place
Alpine pasture of Gran Nomenon
Arrival altitude
2.309 m slm
Trail sign
985 m of positive altitude
4,5 km
Walking time
3 ore
Suggested period
July - October
Support points

Chantel wooden shelter

Gontier hut

Path type