The departure is from Piamprato Soana (the village at the end of the Valley that extends from Valprato Soana), located in a pleasant grassy basin and surrounded by pine forests. Take the dirt track that leaves the village and, after crossing the stream, climb the Vandilliana Alp, pasture still used by shepherds, 1881 m above sea level. After entering the Valley of Ballard, where encounters with wild animals are likely to happen, climb up the hill, near which there are the ruins of an old mine. From the watershed line it's possible to sight the village of Piamprato, the Campiglia Soana Valley and the confluence of the Soana Valley to the lowland.


Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Starting altitude
1551 m slm
Arrival place
Colle della Borra
Arrival altitude
2578 m slm
Trail sign
628 (white and red, yellow and red notches)
1027 m
3,2 km
Walking time
3h 30’
Suggested period
June - September
Path type