Departure from Piamprato Soana from where take the dirt road that leaves the village and crosses the first meadows to then go along the stream. Passed the turn-off to the Colle della Ballard, continue along the track, going through some bends to coast Grange Prariond, then continue until a small parking lot. From here keep going on the trail up to the Grange Ciavanassa, bypassing on the right. Along the margin, a larch forest, you arrive at a second building to then bend to the left towards the engraving of the Royal Canal.

Climbed the slope on the left bank go under a rock wall to then reach a wide glacial small valley. Back on the road towards the pastures, you reach the top of the valley that becomes much larger. The path turns first on the right letting you see the lake La Reale, then left again to get to the hill Larissa (2606m above sea level).



Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Starting altitude
1560 m slm
Arrival place
Colle Larissa
Arrival altitude
2606 m slm
Trail sign
630 (white and red)
1046 m
Walking time
3h 30’
Suggested period
July - September
Path type