Simple loop hike that starts from the parking lot of Lillaz, gives the opportunity to face, following a farm road, the Valley of Valeille, dominated by Sengie and Valeille glaciers.

From the car park you enter the village of Lillaz, crossing to the campsite near the river; from here, clearly visible, the track that climbs in Valeille starts and, after few hairpin bends, presents a detour indicated by a signpost for the falls; This trail goes into the woods of larches and spruces, populated by numerous squirrels and birds, and arrives to the enchanting waterfall of Lillaz.. This, like every forest, needs to be walked on with sensitiveness.. keeping the silence and walking slowly and consciously may offer you the opportunity to sight one of the several deers present, rather than a busy squirrel looking for food or the many talkative chickadees that enliven this forest throughout the winter.

Once snow covered it's easy to observe footprints and tracks of the numerous wild animals that live in the forest. 

Arrived at the waterfalls it's recommended to follow the wide summer path that goes along the Urtier torrent to return to the village.

Not to be missed:
- Characteristic architecture of Lillaz village
roche moutonnée and rocks potholes of the Valeille stream
Paleo-landslide of Gran Clapey
- camois in the detrital cones of Valeille
- typical cheese selling in Lillaz

Caratteristiche del percorso

Arrival place
Lillaz waterfall - Valeille valley
Arrival altitude
1679 m slm
Path type