Although Valnontey is one of the most popular areas of the Cogne valley, you just need to enter in the valley, starting from the big car park of the hamlet, and follow the path on the right orographic side, to breathe the wilderness of the park in its entirety: small forests and clearings alternate and offer the opportunity to easily observe grazing wild animals. At the first bridge (Ponte della Leuttaz) it's suggested to move on the left orographic side and keep going following the cross-country track, without trample, ultil Valmianaz. It will be quite easy to meet the fox (it's strictly forbidden to feed them) and various birds species, because in this place, for example, there are three species of wood pecker, the red, the green and the black one so as the treecreeper, the european crested tit, the red crossbill and the northern goshawk. It's not so rare to sight also male ibex, species between winter and spring and looking at the sunny south-facing walls can reveal the presence of large soaring birds in flight, such as the golden eagle and the bearded vulture.

It's recommended to return on your way from the outward path. 

Not to be missed:
- View on the Gran Paradiso glaciers from Valnontey bridge
- the characteristic architecture of the Valnontey and Vermianaz villages, Maison David
- wet area of Praz Suppiaz
- The organic farm “La Ferme du Paradis” in Valnontey (possibility to purchase milk and cheese)

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