In front of the Genzianella hotel starts a simple path on the left orographic side, almost all downhill, allowing to capture how the water strenght prevails on the hardest rock: in millennia the river has incised spectacular gorges alternating with flatter strokes ...

The great nature opposite on mountains occur often this way: like this torrent that host a very small, but tenacious and very strong bird: the dipper, which plunges, against the current, in order to rummage the gravelly bottom of the stream, looking for aquatic insects, both in summer and in winter, without freezing! 
The only one capable to build a nest behind a small waterfall that will become copious waterfall when, in late spring, it will have its offspring; This will be an impenetrable barrier for its predators, but not for him! Continuing the path, you can cross the River on one of the snow bridges that are created naturally during winter when snowfall are frequent. Following the tracks that wild animals have left to cross the waterway between one and the other side of the Valley, reaching the old village of Pessey, almost completely abandoned, where you can admire beautiful traditional architecture angles. In case of less copious snowfalls, or during late spring, you will need to keep going on the left orographic side until the bridge that follows the street in Terrè, it will then allow to cross and arrive on the right orographic side and from there to climb up to Pessey village through the forest next to the village itself.

In both cases, from the village, crossing the creek by a bridge in the forest, you reach the Pravieux Alp (where a barn used during summer for medium altitude grazing steers is located), where a parking lot is located; This is the starting point of the beautiful Gordtzes du Terrè, whose beginning is visible from the bridge itself, (spectacular gorges cut by the force of the iced water, now equipped by the alpine guides), and of the path that leads to the Chabod hut.

It's recommended the way back from the outward path until late spring and in case of non-settled snow, for avalanche danger.

Not to be missed:
- Pessey village 
- small waterfall of Cote Savatère torrent
- Gordtzes du Terrè

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Front of Hotel Genzianella in Pont Valsavarenche
Starting altitude
1960 m slm
Arrival place
Arrival altitude
1829 m slm
140 m of negative altitude (descent)
Walking time
2 h
Path type