In the fascinating deconsecrated San Francesco church, on the main road of Locana, an Alpine home environment has been reconstructed in detail, where fresh milk used to be turned into butter and cheese; in the main room, an accurate animated puppet theatre tells the story of the hard life of chimneysweeps. This is one of the travelling jobs done in winter by men and often children of the valley they came down from the heights to go and carry out their job in cities. Chimneysweeps are also the stars of a rich documentary and an interactive sound installation.
In the next room, a well articulated model has been located, with the description of the works of the system of dams and of the hydroelectric power station of the Piantonetto valley: this is one of the new trades typical of the Orco Valley, where the company that generates electric power utilizes the natural rich presence of water.

Inside the centre is also available a hot-spot Wi-Fi, you can access the internet for free via 2 pc provided or via your smartphone or tablet asking for the login credentials to the centre operators.

Location: deconsecrated church of San Francesco, Via Roma - Locana (TO)

Opening days: download

Openings and informations: 0039-0124-83557


Free admission.