The purpose of the new center, entitled "Traditions and biodiversity in a wonderful valley", is to highlight major themes that characterize the Soana valley and are closely related to biodiversity: ecosystems, quality of the territory and its products, history local traditions, legends and ancient crafts.
The new center is housed in the cottage built by the city of Ronco with the economic contribution of the Piedmont Region and the Mountain Community Valli Orco and Soana, through the funding of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Turin has been possible to make interior arrangement , with traditional furnishings, informative panels, collections of insects and study materials devoted to the biodiversity of the park. It's also available an "alive" space at the disposal of artisans, manufacturers and residents to let visitors know the techniques of traditional handicraft products of the land and the traditions of the valley.

The use of the mask is recommended, especially in crowded contexts.




Location: Via Alpetta, Ronco Canavese (TO)
Tel: 0039-0124–817377

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Free admission