The Valsavarenche Visitors Centre shows various topics connected with life, survival, activities and local presence of the predators that inhabit the Gran Paradiso National Park.
The focus of the visit is the Lynx, in an analysis of the quick disappearance of this animal in Europe and its current presence, thanks to gradual and slow repopulation that took place, starting in the 1970s.
How important are the senses for a predator in the vital and daily search for food?
How does the presence of the Lynx affect the local distribution of chamois in the Gran Paradiso National Park?
These are some of the questions to which the Valsavarenche Centre tries to provide an exhaustive and detailed answer during its visit, with the use of sounds and images that help the visitor analyse the presence and life of the Park’s predators.
The Centre exhibition structure also features four dioramas that reconstruct the Valsavarenche environment, where small and large animals of prey live and share the area with their potential prey.

The visitors centre of the Valle d'Aosta side of the Park are managed in collaboration with Fondation Grand Paradis.

Location: Dégioz, Valsavarenche
Telephone: 0039 0165-75301
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