Leave the car in the parking lot in Thumel, continue along the road until you reach the path with the waymark 12. Crossing a bridge, take the path on the left; passed the Dora di Rhêmes through a gangway, go forward into the Valley of the Gran Vaudala torrent. After a steep climb, you reach a plateau where you come across the Gran Vaudala Alp. Now, once arrived to a fork in the road, continue along the same path on the left. Climbing first on high altitude meadows and then on detrital deposits, you reach the Rosset hill, wonderful balcony on the glacial heart of the Gran Paradiso massif and on the precious Nivolet plateau.

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Starting altitude
1.888 m slm
Arrival place
Rosset hill
Arrival altitude
3.025 m slm
Trail sign
12 - 13A - 11B
1.137 m of positive altitude
5,5 km
Walking time
3h 40’
Suggested period
July - August
Path type