In the Chiapili di Sotto hamlet, at the only winter ski lifts resort, a spacious deck allows overcoming the river Orco. The trail begins along the winter ski slope and continues the ascent into the forest; here is the larch the dominant tree, while not missing is the spruce and the stone pine. Among the trees it's possible to observe some chamois. The path is not that difficult; in the final part it crosses a wide area of roche moutonnée where stone pines and shrubs of high altitudes excel and it's possible to have interesting sight with some of the main specimens of the local birdlife (alpine gracchus, ravens, black grouse ...). At the end of the excursion, next to the Jervis hut, there are panoramas, from Levanne to Punta Basei, that provide the best striking with particular forms, evidences of the passage of ancient glaciers.

N.B: the starting point can be also from the hamplet Villa and Borgata Mua, uphill time to the hut: 2h30’, by trail sign 530 and then 531. From the Hervis hut it's possible to keep going to the Col del Nel and reach the Villa hamlet passing through the Dres lake. This loop trail has the trail sign 525-526.

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Ceresole Reale - Chiapili Inferiore hamlet
Starting altitude
1715 m slm
Arrival place
Jervis hut
Arrival altitude
2.250 m slm
Trail sign
583 m of positive altitude
Walking time
2 hours
Suggested period
June - October
Support points

Jervis hut

Path type