Between soil and water. Some hairpin before the colle del Nivolet road, near the Losere ponds starts the ancient mule track built by the Savoy for the royal hunts. The Bastalon indeed, today used by the Gran Paradiso National Park ranger, was a wooden shelter of the real rangers. Here the gaze is lost in the immensity of peaks, valleys, glaciers, alpine pastures and grasslands: magnificent glance on the alpine environment. Continuing walking, a winding ups and downs makes possible to arrive in an enchanting glacial lock (2708 m) home of beautiful cotton-grass blooming, and glacial buttercups, at the bottom of the Colle della Terra, accessible with other 40 minutes walk. Not to be missed the wide view on the Valley.



Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Losere small lakes
Starting altitude
2461 m slm
Arrival place
Colle della Terra
Arrival altitude
2922 m slm
Trail sign
451 m
Walking time
2h uphill
Suggested period
July - October
Path type