It is like entering another dimension, full of enchanted landscapes, white silence, muffled snow that envelops the landscapes. Nature in winter is a sight to see slowly, letting incredible emotions go in peace. The visible path to Cà bianca is taken from the hamlet Moies, on the eastern flank of the Valley, before reaching the town centre of Ceresole reale. The route passes through fragrant coniferous forests initially mixed with deciduous, to then be represented only by welcoming larches and red spruces, up to the Ca ' Bianca Alp.

Exceeded the limit of the forest a wonderful scenery of snow-covered meadows and clearings alternating opens, inhabited by chamois and alpine birds. The wonderful view at the front, given by the historic watershed with the Lanzo and Tre Levanne Valleys, accompanies the hiker during the layover before resuming the glide path.

Not to be missed:
-  remains of the alpine summer pasture often haunted by wild animals
-  succession of very different environments

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Moies hamlet - Ceresole Reale
Starting altitude
1530 m slm
Arrival place
Cà Bianca
Arrival altitude
2005 m slm
500 m
Walking time
around 2 h
Path type