Wonderful high altitude path next to the highest edges of the valley bordering with the Vanoise french Park. The almost flat path runs along the glacial basin of the Serrù lake. It represents an incredible opportunity to observe the alpine environment in its entirety; ibex, chamois and typical Alpine fauna typical of high altitudes frequent the Lake, the prairie houses curious families of marmots, while eagle and bearded vulture often fly over with an eye to the nearby valleys, extraordinarily shaped by the erosive action of the numerous glaciers.

Way back to the car park walking downhill along the paved short stretch.

Not to be missed:

- waterfall
- permanent exibition "The high mountains peat bog" 

- snow valleys
- in Ceresole, visitors centre "Homo et ibex", in Prese

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Serrù Lake parking
Starting altitude
2.275m slm
Arrival place
Serrù lake
Arrival altitude
2.275 m slm
10 m
Walking time
Suggested period
Summer (July - September)
Path type