From Ronco Canavese, main village of the Soana Valley, where the Visitors Centre dedicated to traditions and biodiversity in the valley is located, you can take the path to the Nivolastro village, one of the best examples of alpine architecture in the Soana Valley. Along the whole path it's easy to get suggestions on the social life of the past: you can observe the special votive chapels built for protection and resting of travellers as well as a distinctive abreuvoir just before the village.

Nivolastro, despite obvious State of disrepair, remains a collection of houses at high altitude to observe carefully, more than 20 families lived there. Continuing towards Andorina and from here going down to Chiapetto and Valprato, from where you can continue along the provincial road until Ronco. During the path it's easy to sight chamois and also, even if more elusive, noe deer; interesting finally the red fir forest that can be noted above Ronco.

Given the low altitude this path can be made safely and pleasantly even in mid-season.

 N.B. : Before arriving in Andorina hamlet the bridge that crosses the Chiapetto stream, collapsed, but it's equally fortable with a recently fixed rope.

Path accessible with dogs from Ronco Canavese to Nivolastro, Andorina, Valprato (main town) from the 15th of July to the 31st of August. 

Caratteristiche del percorso

Starting place
Starting altitude
947 m slm
Arrival place
Andorina hamlet
Arrival altitude
1453 m slm
Trail sign
white and red waymark
552 m of positive altitude
6,5 km
Walking time
3h (the whole ring)
Suggested period
May - November