A dizzying tour

Destination: Vallone di Valeille – Cascate di Lillaz (percorso ad anello)
Altitude: m 100 ca
time on the climb : 1 h
Starting point: Lillaz parking car (Cogne) 

Easy loop hike that starting from the Lillaz parking car, permits to see the Valeille Valley, following the farm street dominated by the Sengie and Valeille glaciers.

From the car park you arrive in the Lillaz village, that crosses dolo up to the campsites on the torrent; from here, clearly visible, starts the track that climbs up to the Valeille. After few hairpin bends, it presents a detour indicated by a signpost for the falls. This trail goes into the woods of larches and spruces, populated by numerous squirrels and birds and leads to the Lillaz wonderful waterfall..

Like in every forest we suggest ... "delicacy" in getting about. remaining silent and walking slowly and consciously will maybe allow you to see one of the several roe deers, or a busy squirrel searching for food or the many talkative chickadees that enliven this forest throughout the winter.

With the floor covered with snow it's easy to find footprints and traces of the many wild animals living in the forest. Once arrived at the falls we suggest you to follow the wide summer path along the Urtier torrent to go back to the village.

Not to be missed:
- characteristic architecture of the Lillaz villages
- moutonnéed rocks and torrent Valeille gialts mufflers
- Gran Clapey paleo-landslide
- chamois in the Valeille detrital cones
- typical cheese sale in Lillaz

Plain emotions

Destination: Valmianaz (m 1729)
Altitude: m 50 ca
Time on the climb : 1,30 - 2 h
Starting point: Valnontey car park (Cogne) 

Although the Valnontey is one of the most popular areas in the Cogne valley, you just need to enter the valley, starting from the big car park of the town, following the path on the right orographic side, to fully smell the wilderness of the park: thickets and clearings take turns and allow you to easily observe wild animals grazing. The first bridge (Leuttaz bridge) is recommended to move to the left and continue along the track, without stepping on them, up to Valmianaz.

It will be pretty easy to meet the fox (which is strictly forbidden to feed!) and birds of various species, because on this site, for example, there are three species of woodpeckers, red, green and black, and so the common treecreeper, crested tit, the cruises, the goshawk. A chance to meet males ibexes is not so rare, species between winter and spring, and watch the sunny south facing walls will reveal the presence of large soaring birds in flight, such as the golden eagle and the bearded vulture.

We suggest to go back from the outward path.

Not to be missed:
- Gran Paradiso glaciers view from the Valnontey bridge
- l’architettura caratteristica dei villaggi di Valnontey e Vermianaz, David
- Praz Suppiaz humid area
- “La Ferme du Paradis” bio-farm in Valnontey (possible purchasing of milk and cheese)

In order to appreciate the natural beauty of the Park with the snowshoes let the official guide accompany you (see the section Park Interpreters)

Attention please: always verify, before you leave for an excursion, the nivo regional meteorological bulletins (very useful the Bollettino Aineva Neve e valanghe), since the areas may be subject to avalanche hazards phenomena. For more information about security visit the website of the Fondazione Montagna Sicura.