A little ancient world

Destination: Boschietto and Boschiettiera(1.486 m)
Altitude: m 320 ca
Time on the climb: 1,30 - 2 h
Starting point :
 Molino di Forzo (1.159 m) 

You cannot visit the valley without going to the Boschietto and Boschiettiera, characteristic villages in altitude dominated by the elegant pyramid of the Tower Lavina of its 3308m. The two villages are situated on the edge of an Alpine pasture, which is reached by a leisurely walk along the trail that crosses an old forest rich both in hardwood and in conifers. The departure may be both from the small village of Forzo and the nearest Molino di Forzo; going up from Tressi, instead, you can get the occasion to find a beautiful votive shrine placed in the rock.

The slightly ascendent route offers the opportunity to appreciate shrines and votive chapels drawn and painted into the rock, as well as ideas to capture the curious legendary items explained in the local french-Provençal history.

In the snow covered pastures taken to reach the Boschettiera da Boschietto chamoises and other alpine fauna are not difficult to be seen. Back from the outward path.

Not to be missed:
- characteristic architecture
- chapels and oratories

Snow gardens

Destination: Pian dell’Azaria - Gr. Barmaion (1650m)
AltitudeTime : m 300
on the climb : 1,30 - 2 h
Starting point:
 : Campiglia Soana (1350m)

Left the car in the comfortable parking are in Campiglia Soana, take the excavated street that leads to the Pian dell’Azaria. The path, easy and undemanding, presents only a few steps on the climb needed to reach the broad plateau of the incredible basin at the foot of the rocky ridges of Rancio. A typical deciduous forest mixed with conifers, then accompany only with beautiful specimens of spruce and larch forests up to Barmaion. Beyond the summer pasture, the forest gives way to alpine meadows covered with snow, in which is still easy to sight chamois grazing.

Pay attention in case of non settled snow in the gullies crossing.

Not to be missed:
- summer alpine pasture
- conca glaciale e valle sospesa

In order to appreciate the natural beauty of the Park with the snowshoes let the official guide accompany you (see the section Park Interpreters)

Attention please: always verify, before you leave for an excursion, the nivo regional meteorological bulletins (very useful the Bollettino Aineva Neve e valanghe), since the areas may be subject to avalanche hazards phenomena. For more information about security visit the website of the Fondazione Montagna Sicura.