The big silence

Destination: Serrù lake (2510 m)
Altitude on the climb: 580m ca
Time on the climb: 2,30 - 3 h
Starting point: Chiapili di sotto car park(1670m)

Once you've parked the car in the convenient parking area in Chiapili di sotto, near the ski-lift or around the equipped area just ahead, keep going along the street that leads to the Nivolet Hill, covered with snow in winter and viable with skis and snowshoes.

Simple path that winds between the two slopes of alta valle Orco which offers a wonderful view over the high Valley near the neighbouring peaks of the French Vanoise National Park. Crystalline woods of conifers exposed to the North, grasslands covered with snow and south-facing, capped peaks, valleys and glaciers all around offer one of the most magnificent shots of Alpine environment in the Park. The long soft undulations along the snowy road will take you to Lake Serrù and possibly reach the Alp huts above it from which you can enjoy the scenery and alpine environment of the Orco Valley in its entirety.

Not to be missed:

  • panorama on the glaciers

  • waterfall

The call of the wild

Destination: Cà Bianca (2.005 m)
: 500 m ca
Time on the climb : 2,00
Starting point: Borgata Moies-Ceresole Reale  (1.530 m) 

The clear path to be taken from Moies Township, on the eastern flank of the Valley before reaching the town of Ceresole Reale. The route passes through fragrant coniferous forest initially mixed with deciduous, to be then only represented by larches and spruces up to the Ca ' Bianca Alp.

Once the limit of the wood has been exceded a wonderful scenery of snow-covered meadows and clearings inhabited by chamois and Alpine birds opens. The view in front of the watershed with the Lanzo valleys and three Levanne accompany hikers during his layover before resuming the glide path.

Not to be missed:
- ruined summer alpine pasture, but frequented by wild animals
- succession of very different environment

In order to appreciate the natural beauty of the Park with the snowshoes let the official guide accompany you (see the section Park Interpreters)

Attention please: always verify, before you leave for an excursion, the nivo regional meteorological bulletins (very useful the Bollettino Aineva Neve e valanghe), since the areas may be subject to avalanche hazards phenomena. For more information about security visit the website of the Fondazione Montagna Sicura.